About Us

The TYXNA project collective brings together different figures of Montreal murals and digital art.

At the forefront of the artistic experience, their common passion for exchange and union has motivated their gathering around a collaborative entity. Wishing to create a privileged relationship with the viewer, TYXNA is the result of a team thought process that offers immersive and sensory mural works based on urban art and digital art techniques aimed at bringing the public somewhere else. To offer a window on an innovative work that interacts with its environment to question it and provide lines of thought.

With more than 400 projects to their credit, the members of the TYXNA project demonstrate high-level expertise in complex production management and collaboration with multiple community organizations from various backgrounds. Driven by a deep creative energy, TYXNA carries art in its XNA* as a catalyst for life and building the future.

*XNA is the contemporary alternative to DNA. Inspired by this revolutionary discovery, the TYXNA project will transform the artistic experience. 

The team

Amélie Saletti

Artist representative